Letter #5 Transition


Ruth SmilingDear Beloveds of Ruth

Ruth made a kind of transition late last night. The hospice worker said that this is the start of the final phase of her dying.

She is very peaceful. clearly not in pain, and at least to some degree lucid of mind.

She is holding a mala in her left hand and very very slowly working the beads. From time to time she lifts the mala into her range of view.

We are playing chanting by the monks of Abhayagiri monastery and it seems to soothe her.

There are four or five people in the room all sitting silently.

There is a beautiful loving and peaceful and awake energy in the room.

I find this mind thinking that Ruth is “completely safe”. What could possibly be wrong about her dissolving back into the mystery?

I will email within half an hour when she passes away.

The plan when she passes away is that she will stay here at home for a day. Then she will be taken to a mortuary in Yucca Valley.

In about two weeks there will be a funeral including a viewing of her body, the ceremony and then driving a few miles to the east to the crematorium. Following that there will be a catered reception at Dhamma Dena.

More about this will be forthcoming as dates are clear.

We are aware of your prayers and loving energies and are supported by them.

With much love

Robert Beatty