Letter #6 Vigil Continues


MalaBeadsBeloveds of Ruth

It is 12:30 Pacific Time

Our vigil continues. We sit in a semicircle around Ruth’s bed.

Ruth is hearing the Requiem Mass in C Major by Charles Gounoud. Ruth was Catholic as a little girl and loved the music. She and Henry used to listen to this. It was played for holiness in his dying. I used to play it for us every time I came to visit. Tears would grace her cheeks.

Now her breathing is less strong. She continues to hold the mama and touch the beads.

The love in this room is palpable. We know many many of you are joining us and we are grateful

A Burmese teacher Rina Sircar who taught in San Francisco used to say “When we see how difficult life is, how can we be anything but loving”